Tom Six has always made it clear he intended to make a trilogy of Human Centipede films, but it’s tough to figure how he may top the meta-fictional shit-fest of Full Sequence. I didn’t see the 2nd film, so I have no way to judge the difficulty of upping the stakes in terms of outright grossness, but it seemed like thematically his two films represented two sides of a very bizarre cinematic coin. I have to say, though my completionist bug doesn’t flare up all that strongly for this franchise, I’m at least a little curious what direction Six will go.

Whatever direction it may be, it apparently involves getting the whole gang back together as both stars of the previous films have been cast in the new, marking the return of the creepy Dieter Laser to the forefront of the franchise along with pudgy new villain Martin . Meanwhile – ensuring that Six’s centipede ouroboros crawls all the way up its own ass — the director has also cast himself in a supporting role, according to his sister Llana Six.

How many of the other stars might return or how this film is going to pull off joining two villains that exist in two different movie universes (in which one is a fictional character) is unclear.

Shooting will begin in a mere two months for a 2013 release.

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Source | EW (via JoBlo)