While it’s been up a month, I’m not sure how long this is going to last as an upload so you might want to get it buffered and save the window…

What you’ll find below is Todd Phillips’ cheaply-shot early film, a documentary made about life in a frat house with all of the debauchery you’d expect. Appropriately enough it’s titled Frat House, and it’s a project Phillips show with partner Andrew Gurland (The Virginity Hit). There is an air to it of an origin piece to it, considering Phillips has gone on to make films like The Hangover, Road Trip, and Old School that prominently feature irresponsible white guys doing douchey things as well as producing the masterful symphony of douchebaggery that is Project X (which I review quite favorably here, to many folks’ consternation).

In any event, this doc has not often seen the light of day as it was produced for HBO and then permanently shelved. This is largely due to allegations that much of the hazing and mayhem was staged, which the filmmakers have never outright admitted. The lie is perfectly clear though, as the season captured during the film is not when that fraternity held rushing procedures. The 50-min doc has now shown up on YouTube, with Collider picking up on it and bringing it to my attention.

I heard Phillips speak about this documentary at SXSW last year and he played pretty coy about the reality/controversy of this doc, but it was clear this project set him down the road of his current career. It’s definitely an oddity worth taking a NSFW look at…

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*Thanks to Phil, for reminding this wasn’t Phillip’s “first” film, just an early one.