Below you can watch the Brave trailer that will be showing in Japan, though it includes English sub-titles. You’ll notice a bit more footage from the film as well as introduction to the story more resembling the first US teaser, which plays up the magic/mysticism angle while juxtaposing it with the silly humor.

The film is also retitled Brave: Mireda and the Frightening Forest, which is cute. Take a look…

I think that may be the most bizarre trailer stinger I’ve ever seen, with Merida timidly strolling into the forest following a trail of glowing dots with nothing coming of it. You’d never see that happen in a US trailer, which would have undoubtedly ended with a WHIP-CUT-FLASH of the roaring bear or something.

I’m quite excited about Pixar’s new epic, having been turned around on it by the previously released trailer/scene. I’m still wary of the sense of humor on display, but at this point it’s just time to shut up and see the damn thing! That’s still a few months off though- the film hits US theaters on June 22nd.

via Empire’s twitter