Robots and stuff.– In the recent (and welcome) rollout of films tackling current wars, likeable guy playing Michael Pena (WTC, Crash) has hopped on board the Lions for Lambs APC as it heads for what sounds like the multiple story drama set in Afghanistan. Pena will play a Lieutenant in the Army “Leads the Way” Rangers. Lions for Lambs will be directed by Robert Redford and is the first film for Tom Cruise and his new studio deal with MGM and United Artists. Naturally, Tom Cruise will also star. Solid.

– Time Travel and Sci-Fi: breeding ground for crap and sweetness alike. Universal is betting on the sweetness, as the studio of tram rides and spectacle has picked up Source Code, with symbiote-loving Topher Grace all geared up to produce and star. Unfortunately, that’s where the detail ends- the plot of Source Code is being kept secret. However, using the vast film archive which is your brain, you might be able to cobble a viable plot together that would probably be close.

– Pixar continues to crank ‘em out. They won’t be stopped. Toys, Bugs, Monsters, Fish, Cars upcoming Rats and in 2008… robots. At least, that’s what it looks like. Could it be a Mars Rover? A remote bomb setter-offer? We don’t know. What we do know is that the image pictured above is the first look at the title character from the 2008 robots en amour Pixar project Wall-E. So cute. Wall-E is being directed by Andrew Stanton, the man who rocked you to the core with Finding Nemo.

Werewolf Women of the SS, the “trailer” playing between the Rodriguez and Tarntino films in Grindhouse, has its first image- Eva Krupp. The 3 ½ minute trailer will feature real-life zombie-lover Sheri Moon and doubtless other lycanthropic bedlam involving hairy naked ladies and their thirst for both Allied and Axis blood.