Moore has avoided the remake trifecta. Moore last directed the near-Van Santian remake of The Omen, and before that he had rebuilt Flight of the Phoenix. Now he’s in talks to direct Material Breach, a thriller that’s more or less original.

The movie, based on a script by Don Winston, who used to be an actor and actually had a small role in Moore’s Behind Enemy Lines, is about a secret government group who brings in a man who was once accused of terrorism to plan a terrorist attack on Washington. Actually, let me take that back – this sounds like a remake of Shooter, the Mark Wahlberg movie that isn’t even out yet. Let me guess… the attack, which the guy thinks is for “planning” or something, happens, and he gets framed.

Here’s more useless trivia – the producers are three guys who used to be roommates, and whose apartment was used for the party scene in Swingers, which I guess is the one where Vince Vaughn meets that cigar smoking girl.