We’ve been waiting for this film for a long time, ever since Danny Boyle spilled the beans at the press day for Millions, and it’s just about finally here – Sunshine, the sci-fi epic written by Alex “28 Days Later” Garland and directed by Boyle. It’s fifty years in the future, and a crew from Earth have been sent to our sun, which is dying, in an attempt to re-ignite it.

What’s shocking about this trailer – besides the fact that Clint Mansell will never stop getting royalties from his Requiem for a Dream music – is how action-packed it looks. I sort of expected a movie about people getting nuts cooped up in a space ship, but this trailer – which could be deceptive! – features lots and lots of exciting things going on. And what looks like pretty much everybody in the film dying.

I don’t actually know when the heck this is coming out – I guess the March date is no longer valid – but I really want to see it after this trailer.