couple of weeks back we were proud to present the red band trailer for The Host, the fantastic Korean monster movie that’s going to be opening here in the States shortly. Now there’s a more mainstream green band trailer available on MSN, and you should click here to watch it.

This trailer’s pretty great because I think it goes a long way towards capturing the very unique tone of this movie. The Host is a monster movie that has a real emotional center, with a lovable family of misfits driving the action – but it also has terrific monster carnage, a hint of which is on display here.

What’s interesting is how the trailer uses the few lines of English dialogue in the movie to mask the fact that The Host is in Korean and with subtitles. It’s sort of depressing that we live in a country where that needs to be kept, if not secret, sort of under wraps.

The Host opens March 9th. See it!