could be as close as Dwayne Johnson gets to Spy Hunter – he’s signed on to appear in Get Smart, the Steve Carrell-starring adaptation of the 1960s Mel Brooks spy spoof TV series. He’ll be playing the newly created character of Agent 23, meaning he’ll be on the side of the good guys, aka CONTROL.

On the other hand, former Zod Terence Stamp will be an evil leader – probably for KAOS, which was not just a terrible Roger Waters solo concept album but also the international group of evil against which bumbling spy Maxwell Smart and his hottie sidekick Agent 99 always fought.

Steve Carrell will play Smart while Anne Hathaway will play Agent 99 in this version, which will be updated to the modern day but include anachronistic touches like the Cone of Silence and the infamous shoe phone. "What made the original unique was it took place in the Cold War era and skewered the political landscape," director Peter Segal told Variety. "We’re trying to embrace that spirit, and there is certainly a lot to skewer politically today."

I would like to say that this will finally be the good movie The Rock has long deserved, but with Peter Segal at the helm – he directed three terrible Adam Sandler movies in recent years – I doubt tat will be the case.