Nazis have no defense against the Force Push.Following in the steps of a million You Tube videos, Edward McHenry director of… nothing (and that’s ok!), will be cutting his teeth on a new film using action figures instead of people: Jackboots on Whitehall, an uber-alternate reality comedy set in dubya-dubya two. Written by Mchenry and his brother Rory, action figures will (stop-motion?) their way through a world where Germany has won the Battle of Britain and enjoys a good goosetep down Whitehall (a main thoroughfare in London, currently lining itself with pageantry and signs that read “Welcome, Devin!”).

Jackboots on Whitehall, however, has what all those You Tubers don’t: an impressive voice cast. The film must be at least subjectively good, as Ewan McGregor (in a huge stretch) has signed up to voice a Scotsman who leaves the fun of squeezing cow teats and scooping farmyard slop to punch those damned Nazis straight in their warmongering mouths. Word is he even gets the well endowed, yet hardbreasted affection of “the girl” (voiced by that skank who ruined Mars by letting all those zombies loose- Rosamund Pike).

Other voice talent includes Richard “Potter Hater” Griffiths as infamous Hermann Goering, as well as Richard E. Grant and Tom “Falcone” Wilkinson, with Timothy Spall as the cigar-chumping orator Winston Churchill and Alan Cumming as his pulipit-pounding arch-nemesis, Hitler.

No word yet in the films eventual release, but it will undoubtedly come to you in an action filled package of ten point articulation.