Sadly* I will not be going to Sundance this year, but if you are going, I can tell you one short film you must not miss. And if you’re not going, I can tell you where you can see this movie, which is sure to get serious buzz at the Festival, online.

You may remember last year when I complained about an indie film I had seen, June & July, which didn’t get accepted into Sundance. The director of that movie, Brady Hall, has produced the 8 minute short horror film, Little Farm, which is directed by Calvin Lee Reeder. Reeder and Hall worked together on another film which is gaining some serious cult momentum, Jerkbeast, which is the best movie featuring a rock band with a monster who plays drums since The Muppet Movie.

Little Farm has a low budget 70s vibe that I love, and it packs a lot of goodness – including incest and the supernatural! – into just 8 minutes. If you’re going to Sundance, make sure you check this thing out. It’s going to be playing in front of the cell phone horror movie The Signal, so if you have an interest in horror movies, there’s a good chance you’ll be seeing it anyway – but just in case, here are the screenings:

Monday, Jan 22 11:59 PM Egyptian Theatre
Thursday, Jan 25 10:30 PM Broadway Centre Cinemas VI
Friday, Jan 26     11:59 PM Egyptian Theatre
Saturday, Jan 27 11:30 PM Library Center Theatre
Sunday, Jan 28 1:30 PM Holiday Village Cinema II

Check out the Little Farm website right here. If you’re not going to Sundance, you can still see Little Farm – it’s on Atom Films right now. Just click here.

*Well, not that sad. I’ll be going to London instead!