She's got a toothy grin.– Aaaah-aaaaaaah! Flash! Fire up the rocketship and prepare for Ming the Merciless. Flash Gordon is getting a rebirth thanks to Sci-Fi and the guy who brought you Legend of Earthsea. That’s right. Twenty two episodes of poor special effects and theatrics based on an 80 year old comic have been green-lit by Sci-Fi. The series will begin filming by months end and be delivered hot and fresh to your TV sets in July.

– Who Wants to be a Superhero was one of the most unwatchably watchable shows I’ve seen in the last, well, ever. The show was so scripted, the applicants so pathetic and over the top ridiculous, I tuned in four weeks and became too annoyed to care. However, the legacy endures in… Who Wants to be a Superhero season two!
If you live in Florida and you’d like to slip into a pair of self-sewn silver underpants and audition to star in a scripted show that requires you to act while requiring no acting talent whatsoever, you missed your chance. But, if you live in Texas, Arizona, California, Missouri, DC or Pennsylvania, start sewing. Tryouts are next week. Check here for the full list.

– Not so much a news story as genuine oddity, Lance Henrikson is capitalizing on his
AVP love. He’s making platters. Yeah. Sideshow Collectibles is hawking 22" AVP themed platters designed by Bishop with synthetic love, milky glaze and a red-hot kiln. So go ahead. Next time you have the family over for dinner or want to entertain the ladies, order up your detailed relief sculpture. Then watch as your guests smile with pride and admiration when they catch a glimpse of the face hugger while picking through Triscuits and cheese.

– For everyone dying to see the sequel to Cabin Fever, you’re now one step closer. The sequel that’s been on the slow track finally has a name. Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever. For the record, I don’t think you can ever get enough redundancy in naming sequels. See, this time around it’s not just cabin fever, it’s spring fever too. Genius. So does this mean lots of drunk, boob-flaunting young ladies and the lecherous frat boys who follow them? Does it mean more blood spewing idiots, unlikeable characters and peeling, bloody body parts held together by string bikinis and banana hammocks? Maybe, you Sick-o.

– The intrepid reporting of IESB has revealed Lost Boys 2: Boys Lost (ok, that secondary title? Totally made up) will begin shooting this year. Following the trend to release shoot and release sequels that won’t be as profitable in theatrical release as the originals, Warner Brothers will be releasing the film ala DTV. Take that for what it’s worth, but do know the crazy NorCal brotherhood of vampires will be giving up the motorcycle riding, mullet-brandishing death by roc’k’nroll lifestyle to take up the much hipper surfboard. Wave-riding bloodsuckers, comin’ atcha late this year or early next.