Kerasotes*, owner of the Kerasotes Theater chain in the Midwest is not just apparently a racist – he also seems to be a racist who doesn’t own a calendar. How else do you explain banning a black film from his theaters on MARTIN LUTHER KING JR WEEKEND? I swear to God, it’s like this guy is on the NAACP payroll and he’s doing this to get the local chapter some media coverage. How monumentally fucking stupid do you have to be to make this kind of a decision?

KKKerasotes decided to not show Stomp the Yard, the upcoming movie about a dance competition between rival black frats, in his Springfield theaters, fearing it would attract gangs and a repeat of violence that broke out in a screening of… wait for it… Black Christmas. I am actually giggling as I type this – does KKKerasotes think Black Christmas is an, ahem, ‘urban’ movie? Cuz it ain’t.

Also, why does KKKerasotes think that gangs would be attracted to Stomp the Yard (I actually don’t know why ANYONE would be attracted to Stomp the Yard)? Because it has black people? "We don’t think this is going to attract young black males who are part of a gang," said Ken Page, head of Springfield’s NAACP. "It would be good if it did, this is a positive movie, the message is you can go to school."

KKKerasotes claims he didn’t make the decision to ban Stomp the Yard at his Springfield theaters because of race, but then he goes and says, “I was fearful ("Stomp the Yard") could become the occasion for more gang violence, because I felt certain it would draw that audience.” You dipshit.

The Black Christmas incident was serious – one teen was shot in the lobby of the theater – but shouldn’t KKKerasotes be banning Primeval, since it’s in the same general genre?

After pressure from the NAACP, KKKerasotes has sort of relented, saying he might play the film starting next week. "Usually after a week or two, the edge and interest is off quite a bit on these kinds of films, and they just don’t seem to draw as rough a crowd (as) on the first weekend," he said. Yeah, that makes sense. Play the movie after the interest is off. What’s the fucking point, you cracker idiot?

* Doesn’t this sound like some kind of AIDS-related lesion?