It seems Mondo is at their best when they tackle beloved geek trilogies, if their Star Wars pieces are any indication. And if that set is anything to go by you’re going to need a clicking finger like lightning or the wherewithal to murder some other lucky Mondo customer to get your hands on their Back To The Future poster series. This sale is gonna be nuts tomorow (at a random time, of course).

The poster set consists of three 18×24 limited edition screenprints, one for each film, along with a very limited 16×36 combo poster seen above. The larger, individual film posters will only be sold as sets (makes sense) at an all-too-appropriate $88, while the combo poster is $115.

Take a look at these beauties:

Yep, those are gonna look great together.

It’s looking to be a good year for Mondo, as they open a new Austin, TX gallery space during SXSW this year (I’ll be bringing you a report) and are sure to have some amazing posters set to premiere during the festival. Always keep an eye on their twitter or first-hand info, and take a look at the blog post for more details on the BTTF posters.

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