Sounds like Paramount is actually interested in firing up the engines for another Top Gun film, and the hiring of The Town co-writer Peter Craig suggests they may actually want the film to be worth a shit!

Craig is a relatively new screenwriter in town, boasting The Town as his only completed credit and a rewrite of Bruckheimer’s Horse Soldiers still in the works (tough you’ll see a ??? Bad Boys 3 credit on his IMDB if you care to look). The son of actress Sally Field (irrelevant trivia!), Craig has been tapped by Paramount to do a ground-up rewrite of the sequel to the 1986 mega-hit.

When this was first announced in 2010,  Tony Scott was quick to follow up and clarify that he was ready to direct some airborne action again, with Cruise interested in taking a starring role of some kind. No word if that’s all still the case, since Scott could always get wrapped up elsewhere and Cruise doesn’t need the nostalgia hit anymore post-Ghost Protocol. No doubt he’ll show up in the film, but I wonder what Craig’s studio mandate is regarding the screentime of Maverick’s character.

If this forward momentum is jazzing you up about the Top Gun franchise then remember that you may not have to wait for this sequel to hit to get a fix, as a 3D conversion of the first film will likely hit sometime this year.

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Source | THR