CHUD’s recent “Turdformers” article proves, sometimes toy manufacturers have no choice but to let the cat out of the bag when it comes to licensed material.

On that note, witness the Medicom Real Action Hero Spider-Man 3 Venom doll, distributed by Sideshow Collectibles.

These images offer a clearer view of the design than the web remnants of the “leaked” trailer (most of those images are of the same quality as that Traci Lords bootleg you picked up at some Creation Nerd Con a couple years back), and I must say – it looks, well – kinda like the Venom we (and Sam Raimi) all know and are routinely bored by, but I think the distorted web motif on the costume looks really cool – definitely more visually interesting than all-black duds by a longshot.

We can’t be sure yet if the figure’s body is one of those new-fangled Gentle Giant full-body scans of Topher Grace’s manly physique, or if the guys at Medicom simply dressed up an old Mego “Ponch” doll, but…hey – more pictures at

While you’re there, tell them that they should produce a few high quality collectibles for that new Del Toro flick – after all, they merched Hellboy like crazy…