never thought I would be a Will Ferrell fan, but here I am, digging him in movie after movie (not Bewitched. Or Kicking and Screaming. Or… well, you get the point). Blades of Glory may not be prime Ferrell – that’s reserved for the films he does with Adam McKay – but it’s got him in winning territory, playing an overconfident jackass in a goofy inspirational sports movie. And the new trailer has some very funny moments.

This time the sport is doubles figure skating, and Ferrell’s partner on the ice is Jon Heder in a truly hilarious wig. They were once bitter rivals and now they’ve been forced to team up to make their big comeback. And the movie has Will Arnett, which means I am likely to see it (but not a guarantee, as Let’s Go to Prison discovered. I meant to!).

Click here to watch the trailer stream away on MySpace. Hey, wait – those guys are owned by Fox! And this is a Dreamworks movie! What the hey-ho!!!

Now I’m just filling space. Listen for the choice use of a Wilhelm Scream.