Buddy Kurt Wimmer took quite a pounding last year with Ultraviolet, his latest gonzo action movie – which was taken out of his hands in the editing stage, and released in a form that he didn’t like. And the movie that was released was a disaster, which wasn’t great news after his last directorial effort, Equilibrium, was a cult film at best. And I think it may have been a CHUD-only cult.

But Kurt has a sideline when he’s not directing – he’s a scriptwriter, having written films like The Thomas Crown Affair remake and The Recruit. Now he’s sold a new spec script* Edwin A. Salt. In the film Salt is a CIA agent who his superiors think is a Russian double agent out to kill the president. He must protect his wife and family while finding the real assassin-to-be. At the end Salt stands still in a room full of men with guns and just shoots over his shoulders and shit and they all die. Logic takes a mortal wound.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kurt has a couple of other scripts in development, including a remake of Westworld, one of the all-time great campy scifi movies of the 70s. In Wimmer’s version the renegade cowboy robot stands still in a room full of men with guns and… oh fuck it, you know where this is going.

*For those not up on the lingo, a spec script is one you write just for the fuck of it and hope to sell. Some screenwriters don’t like doing this; they are hacks.