It’s always interesting to see a piece of literature like On The Road be adapted into a contemporary film, as the book’s structure and plot have long been adapted, interpreted, and reworked by filmmakers. An inspiration for most any road movie, On The Road is of course Jack Kerouac’s beat novel about a series of roadtrips shared by him and his best friend. It’s a book Franics Ford Coppola has been trying to have made since the 80s, and finally settled on Brazilian director Walter Salles (The Motorcycle Diaries) to actually direct it a few years ago.

The film's first one-sheet.

Naturally the film is filled with young, semi-bankable faces and then lots of cameos, leaving you with a lead cast that includes Twilight and Tron stars Kristen Stewart and Garret Helund as they play against Sam Riley (Control). The rest of the cast is filled by folks like Amy Adams, Kristen Dunst, Steve Buscemi, Terrence Howard, and Viggo Mortenson. Our first look at the adaptation of the jazz-influenced road novel doesn’t tease any of those cameos though, though they do promise the slice-of-Americana trip filled with creative angst and good times. Have a look…

The film will no doubt premiere at one film festival or another, with a US 2012 date still to be set.

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Source | Hitfix (via JoBlo)