Halle. Sheesh.
That Halle Berry’s got some nerve! At the recent traveshamockery that
is The People’s Choice awards, Halle called upon the dumb masses after
receiving “Favorite Female Action Star” (traveshamockery, you say? I
rest my case). According to Halle, if you like X-Men,
write your local Foxgressman and let them know. Because if you do,
Berry says you’ll get it, by Xavier! Actually, Berry’s return to the
franchise in a magnified role would be the very reason not to write in.
Never mind the bazillion dollars it earned at the Box Office and DVD.

– The fellows over at AICN have posted up slew of pilfered Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End
character posters. As the images have the faint scent of an impending cease
and desist order, we’re steering clear. They are now, however, all over
the internet. You may have seen them. We have. They are lovely. We’ll
point you in the right direction: To view Chow, Johnny, Kiera, Geoffrey
and Orlando in foggy action poses aplenty, click here.

Taking a cue from the phenomenon of dancing fury that is Dancing With the Stars, Sandra Bullock is revving up to produce Kiss & Tango. Based on the memoir Kiss & Tango: Looking for Love in Buenos Aires by cosmopolitan job-hopper Marina Palmer, K & T follows the author as she quits her job thinking of creative ways to manipulate consumers and heads off to Buenos Aires. There she discovers hipswinging, neck-snapping fun can be done in other places besides the bedroom. Naturally, she finds herself.

– Rotten Tomatoes, ammunition central for lazy arguments citing the worth or worthlessness of any particular film*, has revealed the best and worst reviewed films of the year. Actual Golden Tomato trophies were given to Casino Royal and The Queen for tops overall, while Basic Instinct 2 sucked critical mud at the bottom of the pond and received the Moldy Tomato for its trouble. Best reviewed genre winners included The Descent for horror, Borat for comedy, Cars for animation, Pan’s Labyrinth for foreign and Children of Men for thriller. Shockingly, there’s no mention of golden anything for Codename: The Cleaner.

– Admired and talented thesp Forest “Aw, don’t look so sad” Whitaker is in discussions with Gilles Bourdos (if I knew French, I’d list his films for you) to star in Afterwards. Afterwards is based on the novel Et après (meaning, “And After”, or…ummm… “Afterwards”.). Whitaker will play a super-successful lawyer (
in the movies, is there any other kind?) down in the dumps after kicking his wife to the curb. He meets a doctor who has a sixth sense about when a person is going to buy the farm. Introspection and realizations must undoubtedly ensue.

* Note- don’t ever let myself use a poor tomatometer rating when disparaging a film.