Beware the Chupacabra.With the recent spat of reality based “Hero Guide” adventure programming like Discovery Channel’s Man v. Wild and History Channel’s and Digging for the Truth, the (kind of) Sci Fi channel is developing an exploration series of its own, Destination Truth. Hosted by Josh Gates, the program has been greenlit for six episodes.

Each crazy adventure will follow Josh as he attempts to get to the bottom of localized supernatural mysteries like the Chupacabra, the Fire Worm of Mongolia and the North American Barking Spider. Indiana Gates will shine the virtuous light of truth or fallacy upon these legends as he speaks with witnesses and self-proclaimed experts, all while living in rock huts, bathing in rivers and getting dysentery.

What I’m really waiting for is an illuminating episode on the cave systems of the Appalachians. Rumor has it there’s a wild pack of subterranean bat-people with a propensity for ruining estrogen-laden spelunking expeditions.

Destination Truth will debut sometime between May and June, just in time to satisfy your Battlestar Galactica withdrawals. Or not.