I had a blast the one time I spent (and may likely ever spend) watching the unrepentant silliness of Piranha 3D, which to me is the perfect modern exploitation movie… just slick enough and well-crafted to not be DTV, but just winkingly retarded enough to get away with all the dumb shit it wants to do.

The trailer for the extensively delayed sequel appears to promise more of the same, with an extra helping of insanity in the form of piranha’s that can break through steel and squeeze through house pipes. Looks like this will let the film to recapture the same silly mayhem of the first film, while also going after the smaller Slither-ish moments in bathtubs and teenage sex scenes. Take a look.

I do like “Hoffwatch.”

They brought back Chris Lloyd and Ving Rhames, and don’t seem to have skimped on the scale of the exploitation… what else could one ask from a sequel like this?

The film hits 3D theaters sometime this year but still appears to be in the “coming soon” zone.

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