"Shit, so much wood I've got to find..."

It’s not necessarily a great time to be anything less than a sure-thing blockbuster in Hollywood right now, and certainly an iffy time to be an expensive Biblical epic. That said, Darren Aronofsky’s Noah seems to have steadily progressed along in the last year without much doubt or major threats of plug-pulling that have plagued even his tiny films in the past. So while Paradise Lost is put on indefinite hiatus, Aronofsky might be rolling cameras on the story of Noah as soon as July.

The production hasn’t been entirely smooth though, as the lead-casting process has hit some snags with Christian Bale stepping away and (admittedly informal) talks with Mike Fassbender not going anywhere. But it turns out some rumors of negotiations with Russell Crowe have turned out to be true, and it looks as though contract signing will soon happen and put Russell Crowe on the biggest poop deck in history.

While Crowe cracked a joke about the rumors on twitter without substantively indicating how true they were at the time, Variety suggests that both parties are now “actively working on a deal” at this point. There’s no word about Liam Neeson working on a deal (his name was also tossed around in the earlier rumors).

It’s not hard to conceive of Crowe fitting into an Aronofsky film large or small, but I’ll wait till it’s 100% before I opine too much. Frankly, at this point, I just want this to roll cameras… I trust Aronofsky will get what he needs from whoever ends up donning the beard and collaborating with him.

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