“It’s a surety that Bill Murray will not do the movie…”

It feels like a long time coming, but hopefully this Dan Aykroyd interview with The Telegraph can finally put to bed speculation that’s been raging on since Viggo the Immortal took his final sliming. Murray’s out of Ghostbusters 3, and it’s hard to imagine he was ever in in the first place. Aykroyd also drops a few hints that this development might be a contributing factor in the demise of the project altogether. Quotes like “it’s in suspended animation” and “there is still interest from the studio” aren’t exactly ringing endorsements for a go picture.

My thoughts? Good. Great, in fact. At this point it feels like Dan Akroyd is the only person holding a torch for this film. And I include the fans in that as well. Outside of an animated film or a videogame, I have no interest in the continued adventures of these characters. Ghostbusters is an all-timer, and the sequel isn’t nearly as awful as some make it out to be. But the thought of seeing the Ghostbusters in old age is depressing. Worse is the rumor that this is intended to be a “passing of the torch” film. Ugh.

Here’s a recap of the spec script I sent to Sony years ago:

Scene 1: Torch
Scene 2: Passed
Scene 3: Boobs?

Your move, Sony.

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