The Coen Brothers are knee deep in production on their beatnik follow-up to True Grit, the fictionalized story of Dave van Ronk called Inside Llewyn Davis. The film stars Oscar Isaac (Drive) and it will feature a great supporting cast including Carey Mulligan, John Goodman, Justin Timberlake, and Garrett Hedlund. They’ll all be a part of the Coen Bro’s attempt to capture the folk trend in the 1960s New York music scene, which revolved around a few key figures and places that ended up playing big roles in the creation of the Gay Rights movement. To what degree any of that will play into the story I do not know, but our first pictures from the set suggest the Coens will have an authentic looking backdrop for whatever tale they’ve chosen.

First are a few pictures of some production street dressing.

Those are followed by some pictures of Isaac, Mulligan, and Timberlake in their outfits and facial hair scenarios. They look a little too put-together to be legit beatniks to me (I’m not suggesting they should be grungy, just a little less sparkly), but I can’t wait to find out why Isaac is frustratedly carrying that cat.

What’s your first impression?

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Source | JJ & Gothamist (via JoBlo)