seems like it was just four news items ago that Dan reported to you that Mamma Mia!, the musical that uses 22 ABBA songs and has grossed well over a billion dollars on stages all over the globe, is being made into a movie. How time flies, because here I am with more information on the film for you. The big news is that Meryl Streep has signed on for one of the lead roles.

In the show a woman is about to be married. She has been raised by her mother (Streep) and never knew her father, so she invites three guys who could have been her dad to her wedding. Swedish pop songs ensue, including Dancing Queen, Waterloo and Super Trouper (sing it with me: "I want a liter of cola/Just a liter of colaaaaaaa"). The show is notoriously despised by theater snobs but appeals perfectly to the over-40, multiple cat having, always falling in love with gay guys, eating Hagen Daaz by the pint female crowd. Also the gays they love.

Streep’s a heck of a singer, as anyone who saw her in A Prairie Home Companion can tell you, so I imagine she’ll be doing her own vocals. The announcement of such big name casting right after the existence of the film itself is impressive, and bodes exceptionally well for the future of Mamma Mia! (although one assumes 1.6 billion doesn’t bode too badly either) And catching Streep just before her very likely 200th Oscar nomination later this month seems like a great bit of timing.

Just for the record, when I was talking to her for Prairie, she pulled down her shirt and exposed more boob than I felt comfortable with at the moment. I feel like I was sexually harrassed.