She's not convincing anyone.Beowr Neowr Neowr Neowr Neow Neowwwwwrrrr…

The infamy of tying explosive devices to their junk, dumping in public and piercing their buttcheeks together has launched Steve-O, Chris Pontius, Preston Lacy and “Wee Man” into the spotlight with enough force to warrant the Jackass leftovers their own movie: Hosed. If there’s one thing I love, it’s self-descriptive movie titles- in this case, letting all potential viewers know exactly what this film is going to do to them.

Hosed follows the already tired comedy device about a group of misfits (this time… firefighters!) who welcome another misfit into their ranks and eventually prove to everyone they’re worthy of love and admiration after all. Even if they do light their man-parts on fire.

For the most part, I appreciate the lowest common denominator, yet oft-times clever, humor of Jackass. I do. I laugh when a guy dresses up in a werewolf mask and gloves and runs through the streets of London howling at people. I laugh when Chris Pontius jumps out of the trunk of a car and acts like he’s running for his life with his hands tied up and hind-chops hanging out.

What I’ve never liked is the Steve-O brand of humor. Repulsive, abusive, obnoxious stunts. If I was in a room with him performing his obnoxious idiocy, I’d want to (but wouldn’t, because I’m a passive-aggressive wuss-chop) punch him straight in his bug-eyed face. Or maybe I’m just jealous.

The comedy will be written by Adam Davis (Just Friends), so, if after reading the cast you were still thinking it might not be over-the-top-unfunny, you can put that doubt to rest. Production duties will be mastered by Maverick Films (Madonna’s film joint) and released under the banner of HBO and New Line Cinema’s Picturehouse.