Like many of you I presume, I’ve really been feeling the absence of Don Draper and his motley crew of vintage vagabonds that make up the cast of AMC’s Mad Men. It’s hard to know what to expect from the hallowed halls of Sterling Cooper (still?) Draper Pryce during the two-hour season premiere March 25th – given the precarious positions we left many of the characters (newly-engaged Don in particular) at season 4’s end. But is it really Mad Men if Don isn’t at least thinking about banging someone other than his significant other?

This poster seems to answer that question with a resounding “Bang away, Draper.” The image is a pretty loaded one all things considered, and it’s hard not to notice the voluptuous, faceless mannequin Don’s checking out. The reflection in the window might also hint at a greater self-awareness from The Drape this season, a direction it felt the show was taking before Don essentially torpedoed himself into a marriage at season’s end.

AMC currently boasts two of the best television shows, now or ever, in its wheelhouse.* Let’s all take a deep breath and rejoice before Mad Men Season 5 happens to our faces.

Source: AMC

*Of course I’m referring to The Killing and Comic Book Men