Poopy.I can’t say I’ve been into collecting toys since I hit about 14 years old. However, one of the nice things about keeping track of the movie-related toy market is that it often gives sneak peaks of characters studios haven’t fully divulged yet. Like Transformers.

Thanks to Hasbro, we now have a peek at what the Decepticons and Autobots look like on their native planet of Cybertron– before they take the form of human-built machinery on earth. Which begs the question- is Cybertron a big volcanic toilet bowl, because these Cybertronian Transformers look like big flaming turds.

Scatalogical sophomorics aside, behold Starscream and Optimus Prime in their Cybertronian turd forms (as seen in the opening moments of the trailer) and Cybertronian robot forms (similar to the way Megatron is seen in the closing moments of the trailer).

For larger pics, visit the Hasbro site here.