lkjljljljjA first behind the scenes clip from The Boogeyman 2 has popped up on the Ghost House Pictures website, but it doesn’t answer the question of why the hell they are making a sequel to the shitty 2005 Boogeyman, which starred Emily Deschanel before she was rescued from career hell by Bones. It does answer the question of “How little content can you put in a behind the scenes webisode?”, and that answer seems to be less than 30 seconds worth.

I actually didn’t even know this movie was happening until right now. A quick look at IMDB offers little by way of concrete information except that director Jeff Betancourt is making his debut – he’s previously edited a number of terrible modern PG-13 horror films, so he’s well qualified to stink this one up. According the notoriously unreliable site, Renee O’Connor is going to star. You may remember her as Xena’s sidekick/maybe lesbo lover, which is kind of funny because Lucy Lawless was in the first Boogeyman. Continuity!

I don’t really understand Sam Raimi. How can the guy seem to have such a great understanding of what makes a genre film fun… and then head up Ghost House, a company seemingly basing their business model on making utterly shitty movies. I hear good things about David Slade’s 30 Days of Night adaptation, but I’ll honestly believe that when I see it. It really does seem like Ghost House is trying to best Screen Gems’ record of atrocious releases, but the Sony-owned company is really moving ahead – they’re branching out into other genres, like blaxploitation for the upcoming Stomp the Yard. Will Sam be willing to keep up?

Click here to watch the fleeting clip.