Consumer Electronics Show is happening right now, and IGN Staff (his mother had real foresight to name him that) is on the scene. He visited the Sony booth, and came back with a description of a big Spider-Man 3 fight scene that is playing there. Here’s a taste of what IGN Staff saw (this could be considered spoilers, but I somehow doubt that Sony would allow spoilery footage at CES):

Peter is walking in the city, in normal street clothes, and Harry Osborn swoops in out of nowhere sporting a Hobgoblin-like look. He is fully dressed in black, with tough-looking Oscorp body armor. He has knives that pop out from his arms, and he wears a black mask — it reminds us of Scorpion’s mask from Mortal Kombat, but is mostly black. He is riding what looks like a badass version of a Back to the Future hoverboard which flies much like the Green Goblin’s rocket sled.

Peter and Harry fly through the city fighting in what is probably the most brutal battle seen in the Spidey flick series thus far. As Peter swings from building to building, Harry flies along with him and they exchange powerful blows. Harry slashes Peter’s chest. Peter fires balls of webbing at Harry and manages to obscure his vision, but this doesn’t slow him down for long. Harry flies after him, knocking him off of every perch, while Peter continues to fire webs — remember he’s not even dressed as Spider-Man at this point.

Go to IGN for more of IGN Staff’s textual recreation of Spider-Man 3 scenes.. And stay tuned for when the reporter’s brother, IGN Rod, weighs in.