It's a 5-way split.
Alan Rickman, he of the British character actors I’d like to shake hands with and say,“Well done. Thank you”, has jumped on board Tim Burton’s murderous barber flick, Sweeney Todd. If you hadn’t read the news elsewhere, you could simply see "Tim Burton" and know the film stars Johnny Depp and Helena “Thanks for keeping my career alive, Love” Bonham Carter. Rickman will play Judge Turpin, the man who unjustly imprisons Sir Sweeney and probably takes a straight razor to the throat for his trouble.

— Irvine Welsh novel turned upcoming film, Ecstasy, just crashed hard off its drug induced high. Apparently, the whole production team was summarily kicked out the door to land on their Scottish asses. The firing has postponed an already delayed start of the story about an E-dealer (real-life Hobbit Billy Boyd) who gives up the lucrative world of selling drugs to the glow-stick crowd and finds ectasy in love, sweet love. There’s a message here. Any way you look at it, messing with ecstacy sucks.

— Chalk this one up to a rumor report, but Sophia Bush (who almost killed John Tucker and will next attempt to kill The Hitcher) may be in the running (or picked) to play starry-pantied, brass-bra’d Amazon, Wonder Woman. See, Sophia smiled and said “Maybe. We’ll see,” when she was recently asked about casting rumors. Naturally, that means the internet has run buck wild with assertions. Whether the rumor is true or not, I do know one thing about Wonder Woman casting that you may not… (just remember to say you saw it here first): she’ll be pretty.

— Comic book writer/big boob artist/jack of all trades extraordinaire Brian Pulido (of
Lady Death and Evil Ernie fame) received the grand prize at the Fade In Magazine 10th annual Fade In Awards for a screenplay he cowrote with Michael Stackpole (sci-fi/fantasy writer of Rogue Squadron). Thanks to the win, their screenplay, focusing on the torment a pack of crazy wolves can inflict upon a couple stranded in the desert wilderness, will now be shopped to agents in an effort to connect these unknowns with Hollywood. Except these guys aren’t unknowns. But whatever. All I know is that we may very well see more animal on human horror. And with that, everyone wins.

— Fat Boy Slim, the master of the big fat beat and the guy who was in my CD player for most of 1998 and 1999 is teaming up with one Mr. Danny Elfman on an upcoming Disney Film that’s super secret. Well, until Fatboy said he was working on it. Will it be live action? Will it be animated? We know not… but the soundtrack should be one to reckon with, what with Mr. Elfmen’s knack for fantastical, zany melodies and Fatboy’s knack for laying down beat-a-riffic tracks of phat proportions.