Hall, my wonderful producer from the late, lamented (for the time being?) Filter on G4, sent along a link to an exclusive that the nerd channel is crowing about – they have the first look at the design of the monster from Outlander, the movie where an alien comes to Earth and beats the shit out of Vikings. I love that I live in a world where people are making movies about Vikings fighting aliens, and no, there is not a hint of sarcasm in that.

Patrick Tatopoulos, the guy behind the creatures and production designs of Independence Day, Underworld and Pitch Black, has created this new beast, and he shows it off to G4 in a clip you can watch right here. I am sort of shocked that the monster is being revealed so early, and in maquette form. I guess marketing is all voodoo, and who really knows the value of holding the monster back until the finished film?

Outlander is coming out at some point this year. It stars Jim “Christ” Caviezel as the alien warrior who follows the monster to Earth and it also features John Hurt as “Rothgar,” the kind of name that makes you wonder how anyone kept a straight face while saying it.