of you who watch more TV than I do, or who watch it without the aid of a TiVo to skip the commercials, may have already seen this, but it’s news to me. Turns out that Bruce Campbell is the new spokesman for Old Spice, and he stars in a very funny – and sort of mind-bending – new commercial for the fragrance.

Click here to see Bruce talking about “it.” This isn’t exactly movie news, but what CHUD reader doesn’t want to see Bruce Campbell being funny?

I don’t usually follow the advertising campaigns of scents and deodorants, but between this and the appearance in Talladega Nights, I’m guessing that Old Spice is looking to hip up their image.

Bruce, meanwhile, seems to be paying some bills while he awaits the release of his next feature, My Name is Bruce, in which a town besieged by monsters mistakes B-movie actor Bruce Campbell for his fictional alter ego, Ash from Evil Dead. Hilarity, I guarantee, ensues.