last few years have seen many of my dreams come true, but one that remains tantalizingly out of reach is still getting killed in a movie. Growing up on horror films, I came to believe that the better the killing, the better the role, and I have long harbored the desire to get disemboweled or decapitated in a movie.

Now you have a chance to make me jealous – Rogue is running a “Get Killed on Film” contest tied into the release of The Hitcher on January 19th. It’s a fitting contest for this film – early on, when Sean Bean’s character first shows himself to be a horrifying psycho, he holds a knife to the hero boy’s throat and instructs him to say “I want to die.”

Do you want to die? If you win the contest you’ll be taken to the set of an upcoming Rogue Pictures release and get to film a death scene. I don’t know what the scene will be, or what the film will be, but what an amazing opportunity! Go to the website for The Hitcher – – to enter. And if you win, remember that I’ll be at home, seething with jealousy.