when you couldn’t get any more excited about April’s release
of Grindhouse, Fangoria goes and breaks a story like this: Shaun of the Dead director
Edgar Wright is going to be directing one of the fake trailers that will play in
between Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino’s individual films.

Ryan Rotten got the scoop that Edgar’s doing a trailer, but there’s
no word on what that trailer will be… yet. We do know that Eli Roth is going to
be directing a trailer for Thanksgiving and Rob Zombie will be doing Werewolf Women
of the SS, a movie I would 100% go see for real. By the way, this means there are about five trailers, at least… and each film is, from what I understand, full-length – ie, more than 80 minutes – so how long is Grindhouse going to be in total? It could end up at almost four hours!

I was in Los Angeles
this weekend for The Hitcher, the latest film from Rogue Pictures, the same folks
releasing Edgar’s latest film, Hot Fuzz – which has been pushed back to April 13th,
by the way. But while I was there I let the Rogue people know that CHUD is essentially
their bitch when it comes to Hot Fuzz, so hopefully we’ll have some cool stuff for
you in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, check out this video – it’s by Charlotte Hatherly
– aka Edgar’s girlfriend (sorry, CHUDettes) – and is directed by Oscar Wright – aka Edgar’s brother.
It’s got a very cool manga/sci-fi/video game thing going on, and I like the song
a whole lot. You know, if this was Edgar directing, I would guess that he was
experimenting with stylistic choices for his Scott Pilgrim movie…