In case you need any proof that Smokin’ Aces is going to be one of the big, crazy blasts of a movie to see in a theater this year, Smokin’ Joe Carnahan has a handful of comic books to prove it. If you’ve been reading our ongoing Q&A missives with the man, you already know he’s one of the coolest, most unrestrained, and baldest men on the planet. Now read the comic, with our exclusive focusing on the Tremor Brothers (no, not Fred Ward and Kevin Bacon). Everything about this thing looks nuts in the head, which is just how we like it. Read on, valiant soldiers and while I have you… SEND IN a question for our next podcast, which will be a live, in person and surely to be crazy discussion with Mr. Carnahan himself and he’ll be joined by living legend and comedy Zeus Jeremy FUCKING Piven!

Now, read the comic and make sure to hit the sites below for the rest of them because your day just isn’t complete until you’ve checked these bad boys out.


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