With every little drop of 300 related imagery, my art-geek sensibilities go into overdrive. This film can’t come fast enough.

And now this. Empire has scored some exclusive character posters for the upcoming visual feast 300. The images are stuff we’ve seen in other stills, trailers and past artwork, carrying a very, very, familiar tone as they merge the Sin City art style with WW II propaganda poster slogans.

While I appreciate the cheesy sloganeering, I think they cheapen the epic scope and beauty of the film that’s been haunting my dreams since I first saw the trailers with pop-culture centered snippets. Regardless, the studios know who they’re targeting and are playing that angle strongly. Or maybe it’s because these are for the UK. Either or, after a few more views, I’m sure they will grow on me. The character sepia-toned artwork, however, is gorgeous.

Enjoy bare-chested men, masks, mutants and bare-backed women below:

Or thank Empire and view them in their larger, exclusive glory here.