I don’t know about you, but I’m simultaneously wet and hard and guys I don’t know what’s happening.

The promised action, the energizing music, the foreign-language scenery chewing from the villain… everything promised in this new US trailer is all more than enough to make up for the very silly, unnecessary sub-title that’s been added. You may now call the film The Raid: Redemption. Even if there’s some subtext there that sets a precedent for sequels, I still don’t know why you’d want your movie to sound more like a DTV title.

But man, that last action beat in the trailer? Brutal. Who cares what they call it!

Either way, the film hits some theaters on March 23rd, with sequels and remakes in the works already. I’m not sure how widely it’s being released in the states, but it seems Sony is strongly behind it, so hopefully it will be somewhere near you soon.

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