Take a look at what is apparently being touted as the “third trailer” for Pixar’s Brave, though it’s a really a full scene with bumpers on either end. I hope this is used theatrically as a trailer though. Take a look.

I enjoy trailers like this, which use a short, early scene to give you the impression of a movie without having to yank imagery from the every scene and essentially give you the story in frame-by-frame flashes. Of course, it takes an exceptionally strong scene to stand alone out of context, sell the idea of the film, and work as a short-form enticement for audiences.

This is a scene that was included in D23 footage last year, but this is the first time it’s been publicly released (which is all that matters).

From my seat this scene accomplishes all of those things, concisely capturing the thematic conflict of the movie, the strong Pixar filmmaking, and the unique setting. And while I haven’t hated the previous trailers, this is the first glimpse that really keys me up to see this asap. I love that they use their animated advantages to take the cliche arrow-splitting gag to a new level, and naturally add just the slightest hint of originality by having the arrow also push through to the feathers (hot). That said, I’m still not finding the jokes very funny.

The film hits June 22nd.

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