Depp: The Night Stalker

Edgar Wright has been one of my favorite filmmakers since I discovered Shaun Of The Dead in 2004, and sadly didn’t get to actually see it in the theater (still upset that I didn’t get to), and had to wait for video. I did get to see Hot Fuzz in the theater, and that was fine mixture of action/horror elements. Damn near close to perfection if you ask me. Can’t go wrong with having the best (at least to me) James Bond in your cast as well.

It seems he’s now throwing in his stock with Johnny Depp and making a Disneyfied version of Kolchak: The Night Stalker.

I don’t want to immediately take a dump on this so I’ll just wait and see how it turns out. It could be some goofy Depp, but hopefully not Jack Sparrow: Night Stalker. However, I would like to see this be a straight on project for the both of them and be focused on the horror aspect, and less on any sort of comedic element.

Source: thewrap