imagine that the Spider-Man movies have been a tough sell in Japan – after all, the Nipponese grew up with a Spidey who rode around in a big mechazord thing. But our friends to the East have embraced Tobey Maguire and friends, and they’re jonesing for Spider-Man 3 just as much as we are.

They just got a new teaser trailer, which is notable not only for the Japanese subtitles that use exclamation points, but also because it contains footage not yet seen in American teasers. Most of the new stuff appears to be centered around James Franco’s Harry Osborn and his change into the new Green Goblin. We get a look at the Willem Dafoe cameo, Harry stepping out of the Goblin Mystifier, and a look at how Harry’s X-Treme Villainy mask works. There’s also some other stuff with Peter Parker and the new black costume, and a couple of other shots (dodging pieces of a brick wall) that looked new to these tired old eyes.

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