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Directors spend so much time behind the camera that it must sometimes be refreshing to stand in front of one and get to speak while you’re fully in your element. There’s no point at which a director is more like a rockstar than during photography as its while he or she is still visibly playing god and before the pretty faces in front of the camera have taken over representing the flick. With that in mind it’s funny to see these very sharp, well-produced video production diaries from Peter Jackson and now Sam Mendes, in which these nerdy dudes get to be in control and have the hype of the film rest on them for a moment.

All of that is really just a funny thought prompted by this new production blog (apparently the first of many, like The Hobbit) which has Sam Mendes contextualizing his relationship with Bond and showing some behind-the-scenes goings on. It’s much shorter and much less nostalgic than Jackson’s blogs, but it’s a nice taste of the production all the same. I wonder if this was Mendes’ idea after he watched Peter running around the Pinewood Studios lot (which houses the famous 007 Stage as well as The Hobbit’s constructed sets) with a camera crew following him.

Nice line about his American “apprenticeship.”

Skyfall will premiere in the UK on 26th of October, so all things considered we don’t have that long to wait until Mendes’ action film arrives. Still, I look forward to the rest of these little looks into the process throughout the year.

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