We at CHUD are very excited for you to see Detention, which you may have heard I liked…


That comes from the SXSW review I wrote before I had met or really got to know Joe Kahn, and well before Nick and I actually worked with him on some cool golf commercials. It’s still a statement I stand behind. There’s an aggressive insanity driving the film, even though it’s built with clockwork precision that makes it exactly my kind of movie. It’s an uncompromising vision from a director that I can promise you first-hand has put everything he’s got into it.

After its triumphant debut at SXSW, the film finally has an April 13th date for its 10-theater AMC release which, in a change-up of the usual course lately, isn’t preceded by a VOD release. In this case the film will have its shot at getting in front of audiences in a theater first, perhaps even expanding if the response is especially strong, and then reaching the masses online after. Here are the theaters in which you may serve your assigned detention…

 ATLANTA – Southlake 24 Pavilion
BOSTON – Boston Commons
CHICAGO – River East
HOUSTON – Studio 30
LOS ANGELES – Burbank 16
MIAMI – Aventura
NEW YORK – Empire
SAN DIEGO – Mission Valley
SEATTLE – Pacific Place

There are also Canadian screenings in Halifax and Toronto that will be announced soon.

Along with the date and theater list, is a website for the film and a brand new clip that’s been posted online and provides just the tiniest hint of the deep-cut cultural references and energetic filmmaking. More importantly though, it gives you a taste of the plain old funny writing that permeates the film and keeps it from being a total Von Trierian cinematic experiment rather than the fun movie it is. Take a look.

If there’s a theater anywhere near you, I’d suggest marking your calendar for the April 13th release and seeing the film first thing. It definitely needs your support, and it needs it first weekend. Films of this size don’t get releases like this anymore, and a endeavor as whole-heated as Detention deserves to get its shot. I would strongly suggest making the trek and having a blast. I know we in Atlanta certainly will (in fact, metro Chewers… hit us up if you’d like to join the convoy.)

Also, keep your eyes peeled on CHUD for more special Detention stuff, including a truly epic interview with the director and screenwriter…

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