All hail, The Pimp. This bit of news has been bouncing around the internets for a bit, but in the event you missed it, here are some details.

I won’t go into how great Battlestar Galactica is. You’ve heard it all by now. But it is great. The dramarama. The action. The set pieces. All great.

The story so far, followed by a little status: Unfortunately, with all its resounding critical acclaim, BSGs chunky Friday numbers have declined quite a bit in its third, and probably strongest, season. Sci-Fi has noted Friday night isn’t the same slam-dunk against weak programming that it used to be, as networks are beginning to realize a lot of losers spend Friday nights at home. Or own a Tivo, I guess. To combat the threat of stronger concepts scratching for your Friday night attention, Battlestar Galactica’s January return will find Adama and crew seeking Earth and battlin’ cylon sex machines at 10 p.m. EST on Sundays.

Currently on winter break, the show will finish out the third season beginning January 21 (again- on Sundays!), but hasn’t been optioned by Universal or Sci-Fi for a fourth as of yet, despite a much publicized curveball plot twist and cliffhanger ending. That’s nothing to get panicky over, as the previous seasons of BSG ran the same "wait and see" course. However, Battlestar Galactica is cooking with sweet cream butter on DVD, which has lead to talks about making a two hour Direct-To-Video movie.

The proposal is to have the film shoot in March, using all existing sets, etc. with a potential release between season 3 and a proposed season 4. The caveat being season 4 has to be greenlit for the movie plans to move forward.

Normally, a film mentioned in the same sentence as DTV gives me flashbacks of the all too recent Starship Troopers 2 and sends my vitriolic spittle flying in its general direction, but with Ron Moore and crew at the helm, unfettered by “bleeps” for “shit” and all that creativity smashing stuff, you know (hope?) it’ll be good.

In the mean time, for the love of all TV programming that’s not garbage, tune in on January 21 10 p.m. EST when Battlestar Galactica switches to Sunday.