Thing doesn't believe in a mixed gender military.If the American message/allegory in The Hills Have Eyes wasn’t subtle enough, viewers won’t have to think too hard when they view the upcoming sequel on March 2, 2007.

As you know, in The Hills Have Eyes 2, families have learned taking shortcuts through remote deserts is for suckers. But the National Guard hasn’t. Taking a page from the Aliens meets Southern Comfort book of sequels, we learn yet again that armed soldiers do not an ass-kicking force make when training missions turn into rescue missions turn into shooting, screaming, we’re dead missions.

The trailer was released a few weeks ago and for your first-person refreshment, can be found here, but there’s some juicy images for your deconstructing pleasure not in the teaser. One, (pictured here) shows us a lovely looking National Guard soldier getting the piss choked out of her by Thing after 40 years of living as a hermit in the desert. Or is it a loving embrace? There’s a couple others at the official site, one including a group of National Guardsmen (looking exactly like actors dressed up like National Guardsmen) all tore up and limping out of a shanty.

The Hills Have Eyes 2 will be directed by Martin Weisz, music video auteur de jour, with a script by Wes and Jonathan Craven. THHE 2 stars some beautiful people who don’t really look like any Guardsmen I’ve known or seen, because people who look like thin-armed, brow-tweezed and flowey-haired models usually don’t go into the Guard, they go into modeling and schools for bad acting.