Last week I was treated to a screening of Project X that left me quite shocked at how much I enjoyed the film, which I called “…the Ben-Hur of party movies” on twitter. You can expect a review that more specifically articulates what I loved so much about the perfectly-escalating high school film soon, but for now you can take a look at the clip below that showcases one of the film’s more Jackassian, lowest-common-denominator gags, as good ole Martin Klebba (the world’s fastest little person!) tumbles out of an oven and gives every nearby testicle what for.

Yeah it’s cheap, but it’s pretty funny.

At the screening I attended this might have been the moment of the loudest laughter. Keep that in mind if you’re already sold on seeing it. This is definitely a film I’d suggest laying off the trailers for if you’re already going to go.

In any event, here’s the clip featuring the inimitable

What’s great about the flick is that even this throwaway nutshot party gag is one of the many many micro-set ups that get paid off later in the film, which allows it to be a sort of sculptural event film that’s also satisfying on some kind of narrative level.

Here’s the full trailer if you haven’t seen it yet:

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