First of all, as a Rescue Me fan I’d like to put this clip on record as an alternate reality situation of what happened to John Scurti’s Kenny Shea character. The idea of himĀ  as a doorman looking over the finer residents of Manhattan is a lot more rewarding of a fate than what he experienced in the penultimate episode of the uneven but ultimately rewarding Denis Leary joint.

Now, The Amazing Spider-Man.

A clip has arrived and it is completely action free. It also doesn’t feature the tasty Emma Stone, handshake deficient Dr. Curt Connors, or a jarring cameo from the money-hungry Stan Lee. Just ol’ Peter Parker and a doorman. I suppose the point is to sell the character aspect of the story to internet folks.

It’s fine I suppose, but I really get a vibe that Mr. Garfield really is just playing Eduardo Saverin all over again from this bit.

I’m trying not to be a grump but I don’t know if I want another 2 hours of that. Here’s the clip.