is the definition of passion for a project? Let’s looks at some quotes from George Lucas in regards to the next Indiana Jones film, which apparently will begin shooting for real next year:

"Very interesting mysteries."

"Mostly it’s the charm of Harrison that makes it work."

Let me contain my enthusiasm, for this hyperbole is astounding. Not that I need ol’ George to create buzz for the film. It’s an Indy film. There’ll be anticipation, I just wonder how much. At the Rome film festival, George announced that they are indeed making the film, especially considering that they’ve finally put the apparently brilliant Frank Darabont script behind them and moved onto less interesting and dimmer things. Hooray for George!

Here’s hoping the shooting script is "moderately interesting" and "sufficient" so I too can get enthused.

Indiana Jones and the Resounding Indifference arrives on screens most likely in 2008.