, a “Create Your Own Poster” contest that I think will really let your sick little imaginations fly. The contest is for Primeval, coming in April, and the image kit (which you can download below) is filled with stuff like what you see on the right. I love it. I love the severed hand with an eyeball sitting next to it. It turns out I am easily amused.

The contest is simple: use the image kit (download it here) and create a poster. You have to come up with a “graphic” tagline “that best describes the terror that PRIMEVAL’s killer sets on his victims.” You mail it to me at and I pick the best one. That, along with the winners from other sites, goes to the creators of Primeval, who will choose their favorite. The big winner gets “an autographed mini-poster print of their creation and a DVD pack of five of the greatest serial killer movies (SEVEN, SAW, SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, and FROM HELL). The grand prize winning entry will also be showcased on the official film site at

Sounds awesome. For those not up to date on Primeval, here’s a link to the trailer, and below is the synopsis. My comments after the synopsis:

In one of the most remote places on earth, a bloodthirsty serial killer has claimed over 300 victims, and is still at large to this day. Now, inspired by the true story of the world’s most prolific killer, comes "Primeval," a nail-biting horror-thriller that follows an American news crew determined to capture this terrifying murderer alive. The danger begins as producer Tim Freeman (Dominic Purcell, "Prison Break"), cameraman Steven Johnson (Orlando Jones) and their rag-tag team set out on a journey up-river in search of their subject. But the deeper they probe into the mystery of this elusive assassin, the deadlier their trip becomes.

The killer is a giant crocodile. I don’t know why this is being kept secret in the advertising since I think it’s fucking awesome. But just so you know when you’re coming up with the sickest possible poster, it’s a big ass croc.