Two Glowing Navels. One big Codpiece.I’d seen this image of Optimus Prime doing his best Mr. Universe impression with glowing eyes and ribcage a few days ago, but since it was on the cover of Empire, and since Optimus Prime can be seen in bootlegged sketches all over the internet and since this reveal was covered in a few other places, I forbore. In the mean time, I’ve received a couple emails from folks who wanted us to cover it, so being a new-blooded bitch out to buy friends and manipulate people, here it is: Frank Miller’s Optimus Prime via Empire magazine. Well, if it was actually done by Frank Miller. Which it wasn’t. Or if Frank Miller actually did his signature style in 3D. Which he didn’t.

And so, with the release of the trailer, Transformers hype is in the infancy of hump your leg mode– before all the inevitable whimpering and howling. To be honest, I’ve been totally uninterested in this movie until seeing the trailer last week. While I haven’t gone out to buy the toys in the name of my little guy or boned up on the names/history I’ve forgotten since 1986, I am a little butterflies-in-my-gut for this movie– and I’m not the only one. In what may be proof-positive that Transformers has a good chance of transcending the toy collector/genre-lover circle of box office death, even my buddy’s wife, a Jane Austin-loving kind of gal, got all giddy at seeing the clip.

The name of the game is still "wait and see", but at the very least- I’ve never seen a Bay movie I couldn’t capture a frame from and make a postcard out of.